Chef Darren Tan PJM

Battle of the Chefs is recognized both as a “5 Star” event for the Penang state and is endorsed by the World Association of Chefs Societies – WACS as a Continental Category Event for the consecutive 6 editions. Read More.

Chef Audee Cheah PJK

It has come again this year for our 17th edition of Battle of the Chefs 2018. It is our pleasure to once again invite you all to the main event of 2018. Read More.

Chef Rick Stephen Dr. Hon

Penang, the pearl of Asia, is the home of one of the most dynamic group of chefs in Asia. Enthusiasm and commitment is a normal daily routine to these highly dedicated stars in their own rights. Their un-selfishness alone pushes the bar to great heights in out hospitality industry and you the competitor have an