Organizing Chairman Battle of the Chefs 2024

Message From Chef Eric Long

BOTC 2024 Chef Eric

The Penang Chefs Association (PCA) proudly invites you to the grand spectacle of culinary excellence, the much-awaited “BATTLE OF THE CHEFS 2024,” marking its illustrious 19th edition since its inception in 1988. Scheduled from the 27th to the 29th of June 2024, this esteemed event will grace the renowned Spice Arena in Penang, Malaysia.

Endorsed by the esteemed World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) as a Continental Category Culinary Competition, BATTLE OF THE CHEFS 2024 receives unwavering support from numerous local authorities, agencies, and organizations, ensuring its resounding success.

In 2022, BATTLE OF THE CHEFS welcomed over 700 registered entries from 140 organizations spanning 32 countries and 13 Malaysian States, competing across 60 diverse culinary categories. The distinguished panel of International Judges awarded a total of 56 Gold medals, 114 Silver medals, 249 Bronze medals, and 251 Diplomas, showcasing the pinnacle of culinary artistry. The event also featured enriching seminars on WACS Judging, Halal Awareness, Food Safety & Hygiene, among others.

This year, BATTLE OF THE CHEFS introduces exciting new categories and classes, including the prestigious “CHEF OTTO WEIBEL TROPHY,” “MAGGI IMPERIAL JADE CHINESE CUISINE CHAMPIONSHIP,” “PACIFIC WEST INTERNATIONAL MODERN CUISINE INCORPORATING THE GAME-CHANGING FULLY COOKED SEAFOOD PRODUCTS – READY TO EAT SEAFOOD,” and the “US POTATOES CULINARY COLLEGE COOKING CHALLENGE.” These additions aim to elevate culinary standards and foster creativity among Malaysian talents, particularly in the Northern States.

As the organizing chairman, I fervently believe that BATTLE OF THE CHEFS 2024 will serve as a catalyst for the advancement of culinary skills and quality, providing a platform for budding chefs and seasoned professionals to showcase their talents, exchange knowledge, and inspire innovation.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all F&B manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors whose generous sponsorship and support are instrumental in making BATTLE OF THE CHEFS 2024 a resounding success.

Join us in the vibrant ambiance of Penang, renowned for its rich culinary heritage and warm hospitality, as we eagerly anticipate your participation and contribution to this culinary extravaganza.

Warm regards,

Organizing Chairman, Battle of the Chefs 2024