President, Penang Chefs Association

Message From Chef Audee Cheah PKT PJK

BOTC 2024 Chef Audee

Since the inaugural Battle of the Chefs in July 1988, it has been my distinct honor, alongside esteemed colleagues, to witness the remarkable evolution of this esteemed competition over the past three decades. As President of the Penang Chefs Association, I humbly offer my contributions to the rich tapestry of culinary excellence that defines our signature event, affectionately known as BOTC.


I extend a heartfelt invitation to chefs from across the region and beyond to partake in the illustrious 19th edition of Battle of the Chefs 2024, a WACS Approved Continental Category Competition of unparalleled prestige. From its modest beginnings with just 60 participants, this event has blossomed into a gathering of over 1,000 chefs and 1,500 entries across 75 diverse competition classes.


Today, the culinary landscape is ablaze with myriad competitions, both domestic and international. Amidst this abundance, BOTC stands out as a beacon of excellence, boasting WACS certified judges who ensure fairness and consistency in evaluation. With standardized rules and criteria, your culinary prowess will be duly recognized and esteemed on a global scale.


Under the stewardship of the Penang Chefs Association and the dedicated BOTC organizing committee, this platform continues to flourish, fostering growth and innovation among chefs of all levels. I urge aspiring and seasoned chefs alike to seize the opportunity and register early, for the rewards are boundless.


On behalf of the BOTC Organizing Committee, I eagerly anticipate welcoming you to the exquisite setting of Penang for BOTC 2024. Let us embark on this culinary journey together, embracing the spirit of competition and camaraderie that defines our craft.


With warmest culinary regards,


President, Penang Chefs Association (2016-2024)

WorldChefs International Judge